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    We know the advertising value of apparel with your logo on it across your community. Get the word out and have your customers pay for it. The power of apparel merch is real!

    BPL knows how good you and your employees will look and feel in that perfect piece of clothing. And how much customers love a high-quality piece of apparel. Enough to rep you across your community, that’s for sure! That is why we strive to provide you with the best range of apparel options at any budget. Our knowledgeable staff has contacts with every major brand to get you exactly what you want. Ogio, Ping, Tommy Bahama, Cutter & Buck, Nike? We’ve got ‘em all and more besides. Don’t know what you want? Our staff will be able to help you find that perfect piece using their years of experience. Let’s get you and your employees looking sharp! Heck, let’s get your customers involved too!

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